Workers' Compensation  is an administrative process designed to compensate employees who have been injured at work. Receiving benefits for your injury can be as simple as filing a claim yourself with your employer's workers' compensation insurer. However, for various reasons, these claims are often denied or disputed by employers and/or insurance companies. When that happens, you can find yourself in a complex system of negotiations and appeals. In these cases, and in cases of serious injury where a lump sum payment would be better than a weekly distribution, it's smart to hire a workers' compensation attorney to represent your best interests and help you navigate the process.

We have thirty years’ experience helping injured Maine workers win their workers' compensation cases, and would love to use our expertise to help you with your case. If you also have a Social Security Disability (SSD) or Personal Injury case, we can assist you in pursuing them simultaneously.

Frequently Asked


What are the normal attorneys' fees for a Workers' Compensation claim?

The initial consultation is free, and there are no attorney’s fees owed by you unless you win your case. If you do win, Maine Workers’ Compensation Law (39-A MRSA §325) caps attorneys' fees at a maximum of 30% of benefits accrued in a contested case, and 10% in the case of a lump sum settlement.

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